Farm Frenzy

Farm Frenzy is an easy and fun game, but nevertheless you will have to make some endeavors. How to play? Different subjects are randomly scattered on the playing field, you have to select the same subjects and if there are no other subjects between them, you can remove them. The task is to remove all the subjects. The main obstacle in this game is time that longs to expire. There is a surprise for you that will help you to cope with the task. This is a button with a magnifying glass that allows you to get a hint of what items can be removed. You can stop the game by pressing the pause button, but the image of the items will disappear. You won`t cheat. You will get bonuses for each removed pair. The amount of bonuses depends on the speed. Therefore, you have to hurry up. Good luck! All the fans of the “East” will be glad to play Chinese Mahjong.

Control by mouse