Elite Mahjong

Elite Mahjong is a game with lots of features. First of all, this is a classic Mahjong, the rules of which are quite easy. You have to find a pair of identical, unlocked to the left or to the right, tiles. Click on them to make them disappear. There are four levels of difficulty from easy to classic. On the levels easier than the classic one you have an opportunity to temporarily discard an “uncomfortable” tile to a special area, and thereby help yourself to pass the level. The game bonus system is quite interesting. For each removed tile you get from 30 to 100 points, depending on the time you are thinking about the move. For example, after ten seconds you will get a total of 30 points, but if the time is 2 seconds or less, the bonus will increase substantially. Do not forget that for the use of “Return the move” they removes 100 points, for “Temporary discard of tile” – 300 points and 500 points for using “Find appropriate” in the classic game mode. All the fans of the “East” will be glad to play Chinese Mahjong.

Control by mouse