Free Mahjong

It`s almost a classic Mahjong. Why “almost”? It`s classic because the rules in this game are as in classic Mahjong, without any magic, super dice and other trendy husk, and “almost” because the dice is not classic. They are very unusual. They represent different animals, sometimes they are quite difficult to be identified. The game contains 10 levels, maybe not levels but variants for external design and placement of tiles. The rules are quite simple; you have to find a pair of the same, unlocked to the left or to the right, tiles. Click on them to make them disappear. There are some exceptions, such as fruits, apparently they are different, but when you select them they disappear. Be careful and do not rush to remove the found pair immediately. Remember there are always four identical tiles on the field and maybe you should wait and take away another pair. Good luck!

Control by mouse